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Graceful standing stone

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Product desciption:

Rice koji brewing, a mild and refreshing 18° barley wine made after long time brewing.

The name of the wine means grace in French. You can have a good time drinking graceful wine.

It can be heated and cooled for drinking.

Suitable dishes: grilled meat, potato stew, pork stew, etc.

Category: Shochu Barley

Alcohol content: 18 degrees

Capacity: 720ml

Ingredients: wheat, rice koji

Weight: 1.3 kg

Company Profile;

Mijo Brewing Co., Ltd.

Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture

Using locally produced agricultural products as raw materials, relying on creating job opportunities and activating local development, in 2006, with the help of Oita Prefecture, the old granary of the Agricultural Cooperative was rebuilt.

Since its opening, only agricultural products produced in Oita Prefecture and Kitsuki City have been used as raw materials to continuously brew high-quality shochu in the local area.

The "Oita Barley Shochu, Ten Kings" that has been produced since the opening, uses atmospheric distillation to preserve the aroma of barley shochu. After 3 years of brewing, it will be called "long-term brewing".

The rice storage warehouse is not greatly affected by the outside temperature. It is a good environment for storing shochu. The carefully produced liquor is waiting in the warehouse for delivery.


1. This wine is not sold in Japan

2. Do not sell people under 20