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Huaxiao Special Pure Rice

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Product desciption:

Very refreshing, all-purpose wine in the meal, it is a refreshing and bright taste, slightly spicy pure rice wine. Although it is a light taste, the better you drink it.

If matched with exquisite cuisine, it will bring out the aroma of the wine, so please enjoy it during the meal.

The trademark on the bottle is Dahlia, and the flower language is gorgeous, meaning thanks, is the first choice for gifting.

Huaxiao means that the flowers bloom like a human smiling face, and there is a flower bud blooming in the smile.

Suitable dishes are sashimi, sushi, tempura, soup dishes, tuna, yellowtail sashimi.

Category: Japanese sake

Alcohol content: 15.7 degrees

Capacity: 720ml

Raw material: rice, rice koji

Weight: 1.2 kg

Company Profile;

Daji Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Saiki City, Oita Prefecture

Established in 1885 (Meiji 18), it is located in a wine cellar in Saiki City, southern Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. Using the best-known low-flow water of the Bantetsu River in Kyushu, the belief that the light of making wine will never go out is always implemented.


1. This wine is not sold in Japan

2. Do not sell people under 20