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Longmei Daiginjo

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Product desciption:

Ryume Daiginjo is the highest quality Daiginjo produced by Fujii Sake Brewery. It is made by polishing and grinding the highest-grade [Yamada Nishiki] rice produced in Hyogo Prefecture, and then washing the rice after grinding until only 35% of the original is left. , Charging, adding water process. The water used is all gushing from the local mountains, which is called "Kubotani Gushing Water" locally, and it is all done by hand, so I am confident.

Longmei Daiginjo is even more proud of winning the National Gold Award 7 times in the past 10 years, but it is still tirelessly seeking higher goals. Daiginshu is the masterpiece of Ogawa brewer with 60 years of experience.

We are proud of using Kumamoto's yeast, which is famous among Ginjo yeast, to match it with the gentle Ginjo aroma. Whether it is in the Kumamoto National Taxation Bureau, the hometown of Ginjo Yeast, or in Oita Prefecture, it has been at the top of the list for many years.

So please try Daiginjo.

Category: Japanese sake

Alcohol: 16 degrees

Capacity: 720ml

Raw materials: rice, rice koji, brewed alcohol

Weight: 1.2 kg

Company Profile;

Fujii Brewing Co., Ltd.

Usuki City, Oita Prefecture

Fujii Brewery was founded in 1872 and is a long-established brewery in Oita Prefecture. In the national level 1 river water quality survey, Ono River was rated as No. 1 in Japan. This plant is located in the upper reaches of Ono River, with abundant natural conditions, brewing sake and regular shochu.

Fujii Sake Brewery is an old factory with a history of more than 140 years. The brewers of the past generations have also continued to study new technologies and strive to improve the technology of sake and shochu to a higher level.

Fujii Sake Brewery is produced based on the taste of local wine, local dishes, and ingredients, as well as the consideration of local customs.

Sake Ryumei wins gold awards at wine appraisals almost every year. Shochu Unbelievable House has won the Outstanding Taste Award at iTQi (International Taste Review Organization). It is well received in terms of technology and is also loved by locals.


1. This wine is not sold in Japan

2. Do not sell people under 20